A Beginners’ Guide to Self-Care With Cannabis

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As more people seek to prioritize their health and wellness, self-care routines are becoming more common. This conscious act involves taking the time and necessary steps to improve one’s well-being and overall quality of life. Even the smallest acts of self-care can have a major impact on a person.

As cannabis flower and other cannabis products are becoming more accessible, many people are choosing to incorporate marijuana into their self-care routines. Discover more about the use of cannabis for mental well-being and self-care from Hello High Dispensary, a cannabis provider serving southern New Jersey.

Begin With Establishing Tolerance

The effects of cannabis are highly individualized, and everyone’s body reacts to it differently. How a person reacts to cannabis can depend on their gender, age, overall health, and more. Therefore, everyone’s tolerance will vary as well. Exceeding personal tolerance can result in a collection of negative effects. Therefore, anyone wishing to add cannabis to their self-care routine should begin by looking at their previous experiences.

For those new to cannabis, determining tolerance can be achieved by starting with smaller doses and giving your body time to feel the effects before taking on more. By listening to your body, you can determine the right amount of dosage that will help you achieve your intended self-care goals.

Consider Preferred Consumption Methods

The ingestion method is an important consideration with cannabis for self-care because it dictates how the drug is processed by the body. During traditional methods, such as smoking and vaping, THC compounds enter the bloodstream quickly and travel to the brain and other organs. This quick reaction causes the effects of THC to be felt within minutes, perhaps even within seconds.

Although smoking is the most well-known method of using marijuana, it’s not the only one. For instance, cannabis can be used as an ingredient to create edibles. During this consumption method, compounds travel through the digestive system and liver before entering the bloodstream, leading to delayed effects. Other alternative methods to smoking include topicals and tinctures.  

Additionally, the manufacturing processes to produce different THC-infused products can result in varying effects. Choosing the correct products can play a significant role in creating your ideal self-care routine with cannabis.

Determine Desired Effects

Not all cannabis is the same. Various cannabis strains can produce different effects based on their cannabinoid and terpene content. The two main types of cannabis are sativa and indica. Depending on the strain you choose to ingest, you may be able to experience the following feelings:

  • Relaxed
  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Outgoing

Deciding which effects you desire will help ensure you choose the right kinds of products to achieve your ideal self-care. Furthermore, your desired effects will help you determine which time of the day you should implement cannabis into your self-care routine. Ingesting the incorrect strain at the wrong time of day can have negative effects based on your preferred goals for consumption.

Consult Informed Cannabis Concierges

Anyone wishing to make cannabis a part of their self-care practice should consult the team of bud-tenders at Hello High Dispensary. With an extensive knowledge of cannabis and related topics, we can offer expert advice on all things cannabis. Because your comfort is our concern, we are here to guide anyone who wishes to make cannabis a part of their self-care journey. 

When consulting with our team of cannabis concierges, customers can have their questions answered and make more informed decisions. Additionally, our staff can provide recommendations based on customers’ cannabis goals. This helps make the shopping experience a breeze. Our carefully curated inventory of cannabis products includes:

Discover Cannabis Care at Hello High Dispensary

Incorporate cannabis into your self-care journey with help from Hello High Dispensary. In addition to a large variety of recreational products supporting all people and needs, we offer free delivery. Our delivery service is available to customers throughout the South Jersey area with a minimum $50 purchase.

Hello High Dispensary makes pick-up orders just as easy. Customers are encouraged to shop online and pick up their items in-store at a time that’s convenient for them. A valid photo ID and payment are all that’s required during the time of pick up.

For more information regarding cannabis and how it can help you reach your well-being goals, contact us today at Hello High Dispensary.


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